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Wednesday, 2015-05-27, 12:36 PM
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Welcome to the NoobFactory Tournament!

About the League
We all know DOTA 2 has some great tournaments (which we fully encourage purchasing tickets for!) and we've
all had some great times and learnt a lot from watching them. Unfortunately, we all know that the action-packed frag-
fest that exists in competitive play just isn't usually available in the public scene. Level 1 Roshan's, pre-creep 
teamfights and even simple team communication are often absent when queueing alone or even with a few friends, 
and that's where we come in!

The NoobFactory Tournament is a league aimed specifically for the more amateur teams and casual players. Players
who aren't quite of the calibre to be shipped off to international tournaments with big cash prizes, but who would still
thoroughly enjoy banding together with some friends and jumping into scheduled ladders. Although primarily aimed at the 
EU, we will welcome teams from all over the globe - especially with the recent addition of the Australian servers.

We want this to be a community-driven event. We want the players involved to decide the rules, and above all we want it
to be fun for everybody participating. The schedule will be flexible, and it will be up to team captains to discuss any
alterations to the schedule between them. As long as the matches are played relatively when they're scheduled, we're 
okay with that. We allow stand-ins and you're more than welcome if you're part of a team, regardless of your win 
percentage or skill bracket. 
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